Subsea Innovation Delivers Structural Repair Clamps to RasGas

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Darlington-based equipment supplier Subsea Innovation has completed the design, build and testing of 4 structural pipeline repair clamps for the LNG producing company RasGas in Qatar.

These are the second systems that Subsea Innovation has produced for RasGas, following the delivery of 16” pipeline connectors last year.

The clamps are to provide contingency repair cover for 38”, 32”, 28” and 16” pipelines, aimed at reinstating the mechanical integrity of a damaged section of pipeline and keeping production shutdown time to a minimum.

“These repair clamps are some of the largest of their kind in the world and come complete with NAS 00625 (Nickel Alloy) cladding on the internal bores and seal faces for use with high HS2 content Wet Sour Gas and have a design pressure ranging up to 345 Bar,” the company said.

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