Swedish Dockworkers to Start New Strike at APMT Gothenburg

The local branch of the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, Hamn 4, has decided to take new industrial action against the operations of the port operator APM Terminals in Gothenburg.

In late October, the Committee of the Hamn 4 voted to resurrect its list of demands from last spring with APM Terminals and issued a notice of overtime ban, hiring and leasing blockade.

The blockade was scheduled to come into force on November 8, 2016 at 4 pm and last until December 31, 2016.

The main points on Hamn 4’s list of demands, apart from the demand for a separate collective agreement, involve deciding the number of people who take part in negotiations, as well as other issues relating to amenities at the terminal.

The port operator said that it works “according to a negotiation procedure similar to that found in all other workplaces in Sweden.”

Additionally, APM Terminals noted that, in terms of collective agreements, “it is something that Hamn 4 have not signed, which is one of the basic conditions for the majority of rights under the Swedish model.”

“Ports of Sweden is the only organisation with the authority to sign a collective agreement of the kind Hamn 4’s Committee is demanding. APM Terminals cannot do so,” APM Terminals Gothenburg earlier said.

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