SWEL's Wave Line Magnet prototype (Courtesy of SWEL)

SWEL set to fully exploit energy of waves with Wave Line Magnet device

Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL), an R&D company based in Cyprus and UK, is developing a Wave Line Magnet device aimed at fully exploiting the energy of the waves to produce more than just clean power.

SWEL's Wave Line Magnet prototype (Courtesy of SWEL)

According to SWEL, the power production of its environmentally friendly wave energy converter can be used for water desalination, coastal erosion protection, electricity production, marine farming and offshore hydrogen production and storage.

The Wave Line Magnet, a wave energy converter, has been evolving for more than 10 years, securing numerous patents along the way.

The resulting product is said to be a robust and durable wave energy converter that can supply substantial power on demand at a low cost, with minimal maintenance, and that can also be deployed in any wave environment.

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