Photo: Illustration. Source: Pixabay under CC0 license

Swiss-Norwegian Duo Eases Hybrid System Installations

Integrated energy systems designer Blueday Technology has teamed up with Swiss sustainable energy infrastructure fund manager SUSI Partners to offer installation of hybrid power systems without upfront capital expenditure.

Under the new arrangement, asset owners and operators are offered to install hybrid energy systems with no upfront costs; instead they will pay a monthly fee.

Up to EUR 50 million (USD 56.1 million) is available globally for financing, the parties said.

The technology offered allows vessel owners to reduce fuel use by up to 27 percent and achieve a 95 percent cut in emissions, according to Blue Water Energy, the owner of Blueday Technology.

As explained, Blueday’s SMART hybrid solution optimises the overall operational performance of ships by allowing engines to operate closer to their ideal design point, with load fluctuations absorbed through the batteries.

“The offshore and marine industries are facing financial pressures at a time when their emissions and carbon footprints are coming under scrutiny,” Hans-Petter Heggebø, CEO of Blueday Technology, said.

“We know that cash pressure is one of the main barriers to installing our systems and future-proofing assets – we’ve now solved that problem for owners and operators through our agreement with SUSI Partners.”

The arrangement is offered to asset owners and operators in the oil and gas, drilling rig, maritime, aquaculture and shore power sectors.