TDI-Brooks performs seismic program for Perenco off Trinidad

TDI-Brooks performs seismic program for Perenco off Trinidad

U.S.-headquartered research and service company TDI-Brooks has completed a 2D high-resolution seismic program off the East Coast of Trinidad for Perenco T&T Limited.

Source: TDI-Brooks

The company’s research vessel PROTEUS operated geophysical survey equipment such as 2DHR seismic, side scan sonar, magnetometer, sub-bottom profiler, and multi-beam echosounder to perform multiple shallow hazard surveys.

According to TDI-Brooks, the primary objective for these projects is to identify potential hazards and factors of operational significance relative to the placement of drilling rigs. This involves exploring and defining shallow gas accumulations up to depths of approximately 2,000 feet below mud line (BML) or 2.0 seconds two-way time (TWT) through the acquisition and interpretation of high-resolution 2D seismic data.

The focus also extends to the identification of seafloor obstructions, investigation of the proposed area’s seabed for potential man-made and geological hazards, and the determination of water depth and seafloor conditions.

Perenco T&T has been producing hydrocarbons in Trinidad & Tobago since 2016 when it took over operatorship of the Teak, Samaan and Poui (TSP) fields, located offshore the southeast coast of Trinidad. The company has launched a complete modernization plan to fully electrify the TSP asset, shifting towards more efficient and sustainable hydrocarbon production.

A key milestone on this project took place in 2022 with the installation of the first platform in TSP since the 1980s, locally refurbished, to provide clean power to the fields.

Speaking about other recent news from TDI-Brooks, earlier this year, the U.S. company expanded its fleet with a new 75-meter-long research vessel, which was expected to perform subsea services upon completing a retrofit program.

TDI-Brooks announced in September it had completed phase four of a deepwater, geotechnical coring and CPT project in the Black Sea for DenAr Ocean Engineering.