TechnipFMC deploys two new Gemini ROVs for Shell

TechnipFMC ROV Services has recently deployed two new Gemini ROV systems for Shell, operating on contracted deepwater rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.


The Gemini ROV is the latest innovation from TechnipFMC’s ROV Services group and leverages precision robotics to improve productivity and reduce rig days per well.

The company said it has also simultaneously launched a suite of new ROV Services for drill rigs alongside Gemini to drive even greater efficiency.

According to TechnipFMC, this ROV system is the next generation of advanced 250 hp Work Class ROV system providing unprecedented subsea productivity.

The integration of ROV, manipulators and tooling enables a transition to highly-automated subsea robotics, which reduces task time from hours to minutes.

Featuring a significant advancement in manipulator design, the Gemini manipulators provide integrated hydraulics, electric power, communications and force compliance.

Additionally, the ROV has access to over 30 subsea exchangeable tools and a comprehensive fluid intervention system to support the most demanding deepwater drilling and completion operations.

With a depth rating of up to 4,000 metres, Gemini can also remain subsea for 1 month, enabling 24/7 operations without recovery for tooling reconfiguration.

The Gemini ROV has been developed by TechnipFMC’s Schilling Robotics legacy brand.

Schilling Robotics entered the deepwater arena in 1985 offering manipulator systems, which also later led to its first ROV in 2000.