Photo: TEK-Ocean Spirit during operations in the Bass Strait; Source: TEK-Ocean

TEK-Ocean called to provide more services in Bass Strait fields

Australian energy services provider TEK-Ocean Group has secured additional work with one of its major clients within the Bass Strait energy fields offshore Australia.

The contract stipulates that TEK-Ocean will provide additional services in the Bass Strait fields during November and December 2021, using its TEK-Ocean Spirit vessel, which will assist with a new 60T working capacity crane, once the crane has been commissioned. The vessel is currently finalising its statutory five-year recertification activities.

In addition to existing ongoing contracts in the Bass Strait, the latest deal will enable the company to use its TEK-Ocean Spirit vessel to provide cargo and standby services for one of its existing major clients. However, TEK-Ocean has not revealed the identity of the client.

As the five-year vessel recertification for the TEK-Ocean Spirit is nearing completion, the company intends to commission a new vessel mounted offshore crane within a few weeks, once the recertification is complete.

Afterwards, TEK-Ocean Spirit will be able to carry out additional scopes of work such as the implementation of proposed offshore decommissioning activities and other future marine logistics engagements, the company reported on Thursday. This includes the proposed contract to install an artificial environmentally enhancing reef offshore Port Phillip Bay in Victoria.

The duration for the initial work scope along with other support services is estimated to be up to one month starting mid-November 2021.

Brendan Brown, TEK-Ocean’s chairman commented: “This latest work mandate for TEK is part of ongoing operations that further cements our relationship with the major players in Bass Strait who recognise TEK-Ocean as being a trusted and fully capable partner across multiple projects. While contracts remain confidential, this and some of the other contracts we are tendering for could add material value to our business in the future.”

TEK-Ocean will assist with the additional provision of services and assets through a pre-existing logistics and shore base contract, according to the company.

As TEK-Ocean is engaged in tendering for decommissioning and rehabilitation work of legacy offshore assets, further details of its progress should be available in the coming months.

“A number of significant contracts are currently in various stages of progress and I look forward to reporting on those over coming weeks and months,” added Brown.