Teledyne Launches New Hydrographic Survey Boat

Teledyne Oceanscience has released the new Z-Boat 1250, a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat that is sturdy enough for tough terrain but light enough to be one person portable.

The new Z-Boat 1250 is outfitted with a single beam echosounder and is suited for inland waters such as streams, rivers, and lakes.

Teledyne new Oceanscience Z-Boat 1250’s new trimaran style boat has a lightweight hull manufactured from ABS plastic. The 1250 is IP67 rated, which makes it well suited to survey in most water conditions. The new Z-Boat propulsion system uses two thrusters, one in each outrigger, and a 2.4 GHz remote control transmitter that differentially adjusts the two thrusters to steer the boat.

“The new Z-Boat 1250’s lightweight design, IP67 rating, and modest price point make the boat ideal for a multitude of work environments and budgets,” stated Shannon Searing, Teledyne Oceanscience sales manager. “We’re very excited to introduce this new product to our customers.”

Applications for the Z-Boat 1250 include mining pits and tailing ponds, environmentally sensitive areas, construction and inspection zones, dams and reservoirs, harbors, rivers, and more.