Terex Port Solutions Supplies Two Mobile Harbour Cranes to New Zealand

Terex Port Solutions Supplies Two Mobile Harbour Cranes to New Zealand

Terex Port Solutions has received an order for two Terex® Gottwald Model 6 mobile harbour cranes, of the new G HMK 6408 variant, from its long-standing customer Port of Napier Ltd.

The two cranes, each with lifting capacities of up to 100 t and radii up to 51 m, are to be modified by Terex Port Solutions to meet the specific conditions of the quays in the port and, from late summer 2013, will be handling mainly containers. Napier Port is expanding its fleet of cranes as a result of business growth, which is currently the second largest in New Zealand’s North Island in terms of the volume of total export cargo handled.

Quay construction makes modifications to chassis and propping system necessary

For more than 20 years, Napier Port has been a customer of Terex Port Solutions and currently operates a fleet of four Terex Gottwald HMK 280 E and HMK 300 E mobile harbour cranes that were originally supplied with options including an extended tower and special chassis. With the two new G HMK 6408 cranes, the chassis will be fitted with a special set of axles which are spaced further apart than normal to take account of the site conditions. The chassis will also be equipped with eight axles, which will prevent the permitted loading of the quay from being exceeded. For the same reason, the extended propping system will provide an increased area to take into account the specific quay conditions.

Expansion of the harbour crane fleet

“When it came to expanding our fleet of harbour cranes, we opted once again for Terex Port Solutions because we were satisfied with their performance, availability and service. Secondly, we were convinced this time that Terex Port Solutions was best able to adapt its mobile harbour cranes to our terminal conditions while, at the same time, enabling us to improve productivity with the new cranes due to more efficient working speeds,” explained Chris Bain, Chief Operating Officer of Napier Port.

Modular construction system enables individual adaptations

Terex Port Solutions offers a total of six crane models that are made up of modular units. This construction principle allows the company to accommodate special customer requests. This means that the chassis, for example, can be adapted to individual requirements, as in the case of Napier Port, but also that other special features can be offered. These include interlocking stabiliser beams on the chassis which reduce the crane’s width overall, allowing it to pass through narrower gaps and reducing the turning circle. On particularly narrow quays, this provides increased manoeuvrability.


Terex Port Solutions, May 22, 2013


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