TGS and PGS commence Cape Anguille 3D survey

Norwegian seismic duo TGS and Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) have commenced acquisition of the Cape Anguille 3D program offshore East Canada.

Cape Anguille 3D survey offshore Newfoundland (Image by TGS)

The survey covers existing lease blocks and open acreage in the prospective Orphan Basin which has potential Cretaceous and Tertiary infill depocentres.

PGS will use Ramform Titan with Geostreamer technology to perform the long offset acquisition.

The acquisition is expected to end in mid-September 2021. PGS will deliver fast-track results in November 2021, and final imaging and interpretation products in Q1 2022.

“The TGS and PGS joint venture offshore East Canada has successfully and consistently provided the industry with the highest quality data in advance of scheduled lease rounds”, said Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS.

“The Cape Anquille 3D survey will be instrumental in assessing potential prospects that have initially been identified from our comprehensive 2D library in the region.”

This program expands the PGS-TGS joint venture with another 10,000 square kilometers of 3D coverage offshore Newfoundland.

Rune Olav Pedersen, president and CEO of PGS said: “Canada remains a good investment for explorers and for the 11th year and we experience solid industry interest for expansion of our high-quality multi-client library offshore Newfoundland.”

“We will deploy two Ramform Titan-class vessels for the full season with GeoStreamer technology, a tailored towing configuration, and advanced imaging workflows to deliver data that can provide significant insights to help de-risk the prospects and plays offshore Canada.”

In addition to Ramform Titan, Ramform Atlas is currently on her way to Canada to begin another MultiClient campaign in the first half of June. PGS plans to keep the Ramform Atlas in Canada until mid-September 2021.

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