TGS growing seismic data library through surveys by Shearwater and Polarcus

Polarcus Adira

Norwegian geophysical company TGS is expanding its Atlantic Margin multi-client program in the Norwegian Sea. TGS has hired a Shearwater vessel for a new survey and a Polarcus vessel for a survey over a previously committed area. 

Polarcus Adira

The new AM18 3D Extension, will comprise 5,135 km² of 3D seismic data and covers a variety of play models with stratigraphic and structural traps in Paleocene and Cretaceous turbidite/fan deposits, TGS informed on Wednesday.

Acquisition will start in early July and TGS is chartering a Shearwater seismic vessel for this survey.

This is the second consecutive year for GC Rieber Shipping’s 50% owned geoservices company Shearwater to be awarded a contract for a seismic survey on the Atlantic Margin in the Norwegian Sea.

In a separate statement on Wednesday GC Rieber said that the project is expected to take approximately three months and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2018.

GC Rieber added that the vessel will utilize FlexiSource and a wide tow spread, for which all of its vessels are designed. Three of its vessels are currently engaged in survey’s in the Indian Ocean for the winter season.

In 2017, Shearwater acquired 29,500 square kilometers of FlexiSource data for TGS, including 17,700 square kilometers for the TGS Atlantic Margin project. The 2018 season will bring the total area shot by Shearwater for the Atlantic Margin project to 22,835 square kilometers.

Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater GeoServices, said: “The seismic market remains challenging, but we see an increasing interest for Shearwater’s offering and the number of prospects is increasing. We do not expect a near term dramatic change in the market picture, but we remain cautiously optimistic and expect to see more awards coming our way.”

In addition, TGS said it will continue to acquire the remaining 7,500 km² from the previously committed area. Acquisition will start at end of May and will be undertaken with Polarcus’ Adira seismic vessel. Following completion of this survey, the TGS data library will have more than 45,500 km² of new modern 3D data in the region.

Kristian Johansen, CEO, TGS, said: “A significant milestone for TGS in 2017, was the commencement of an extensive 3D survey in the central-southern Norwegian Sea called AM17. The project is the single largest 3D survey carried out by any company in Northern Europe and covers mainly open blocks in a relatively under-explored area with limited drilling to date.

“The AM18 Extension falls predominantly within the annual APA licensing round area which is suitable for short-term development. Further offshore licensing and development interest in the area surrounding the producing Ormen Lange gas field is expected through 2018 onwards.”

This project is supported by industry funding.

Offshore Energy Today Staff