TGS, Schlumberger Start 2nd Phase of Node Project in GoM

TGS, in partnership with Schlumberger, has started the second phase of the ultra-long offset node project in U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

This follows the completion of the Amendment Phase 1 project acquired in Mississippi Canyon in 2019.

The next phase will extend the footprint of ultra-long offset data to the Northern Green Canyon protraction area and will be called ‘Engagement’.

This area is characterized by complex geology and multiple salt bodies, driving industry towards a new approach to illuminate the subsurface structures.

Acquisition of the project is expected to start in April 2020 with final data available in 2021. The Amendment and Engagement projects represent a new generation of survey design, with significant areas in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere that will benefit.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, said, “Green Canyon continues to experience high levels of E&P leasing activity and is a priority area for deep water exploration activity. This survey will be a critical tool to support our customers’ plans in this region. Once complete it will be the largest ultra-long offset node project in the world.”

This project is supported by industry funding.