TGS starts multibeam project in Gulf of Mexico

TGS, a provider of multi-client geoscience data to oil and gas companies, has started the Otos multibeam and seep study project in the U.S Gulf of Mexico.

Then company said on Thursday the acquisition of the multibeam survey is underway and is the first stage of a seep and geochemistry program covering the U.S Gulf of Mexico.

The survey is designed to mirror the Gigante multibeam and seep study in the Mexican Gulf of Mexico, conducted in 2016. The new program will cover approximately 289,000 km2 and include 250 cores with advanced geochemistry analysis.

TGS added it will continue to work with the same acquisition providers as in the Mexico program, Fugro (Multibeam) and TDI Brooks (Coring and Geochemical analysis).

Final results in all areas should be available in late 2017. This project is supported by industry funding.

Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS, commented: “The Otos multibeam and seep study will provide new insight into the distribution of different source rock geology throughout the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and link this in a consistent fashion to the recent successful survey in Mexico. This new project is in an area where TGS has a strong track record and a large complimentary data library.”

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