The Netherlands: Imtech Marine Presents Its Latest Innovations at Europort 2011 Exhibition

Imtech Marine Presents Its Latest Innovations at Europort 2011 Exhibition

Imtech Marine will be present at Europort 2011 (8-11 November, Rotterdam) Renowned Imtech Marine technology companies such as Radio Holland Netherlands, Imtech Marine & Offshore, Imtech Marine Germany, Royal Dirkzwager and Free Technics will be presenting their latest innovations at the exhibition.

Visitors will find themes on show at Imtech Marine like Green Technology, Innovative Automation solutions, ECDIS, Remote monitoring & maintenance, all in eye catching presentations and supported by a spectacular Augmented Reality presentation of a ship’s model, presenting Imtech Marine’s wide technology portfolio, green shipping options and global services.

At Europort Imtech celebrates a recent proud achievement. In September Imtech officially received the designation “Royal” Imtech from Her Royal Highness the Queen of the Netherlands. Receiving this honor after 150 years in the business of innovation and sustainability, clearly recognises the achievements of Imtech. Cooperation between its various expert companies gives Imtech Marine an enormous strength, allowing the company to offer an extensive portfolio of maritime technology solutions and services, as well as an unrivalled worldwide network of now 80 offices. Imtech Marine is always pushing the technological boundaries forward and creating new concepts. Ultimately all of the solutions have one thing in common; they are designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership of the vessel and fleet.

Augmented Reality presentation

In a bid to showcase Imtech Marine’s innovative mind-set, visitors are invited to come and see the spectacular Imtech Marine Augmented Reality presentation. It shows a physical ship model of an offshore construction vessel. By pointing an iPad at the model one can see the inside of the ship in 3D imaging, presenting all of the broad technology Imtech Marine can provide. Hovering the iPad over the model will reveal the technologies and systems, as well as green technology and Imtech Marine’s services.

Green technology and green route

Imtech is a frontrunner in sustainable solutions with more than a quarter of our revenue stemming from intelligent, ‘green’ technology solutions. And Imtech Marine will continue to develop green ship concepts and green consultancy. Imtech Marine has been involved in many green projects for several years and many of these sustainable initiatives will be showcased at Europort, where the Imtech Marine booth is part of the Green Route. There are several green shipping areas in which Imtech Marine has proven its capability, focussing on energy savings: Diesel electric propulsion, Smart grids, Fully Hybrid ships, Energy Saving HVAC projects, Optimal Routing, Energetic simulation and dynamic modelling.

Integrated Ship Automation

Imtech Marine’s automation and smart ship solutions are based on profound maritime process knowledge and aimed at flexibility, efficiency and safety during construction and operation, supported by a truly global network and maximizing the customer’s return on investment. Imtech Marine will demonstrate its integrated automation capabilities at Europort by state-of-the-art multifunctional workstations. Visitors can use these modern consoles and they can experience how it feels to sail a ship with a mobile device. This spectacular presentation will demonstrate Imtech Marine’s capabilities in Navigation, Automation including Collision Avoidance, Route Planning/Monitoring, Dynamic Positioning and Tracking, Autopilot, ECDIS and Conning, Platform Automation, Fire Fighting and Damage Control systems.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Imtech Marine is one of the pioneers of remote monitoring and maintenance; an increasing trend and one that is leading to significant cost savings for ship owners. With growing demand for round-the-clock communications, Imtech Marine was a frontrunner to offer complete connectivity packages using VAT technology. Highly skilled Imtech Marine engineers can repair potential problems by remotely monitoring the system, advise crew or determine the most efficient action in the next port of call. VSAT enables Imtech Marine to monitor and analyse the status of all the vital systems, ultimately saving money and reducing the total cost of ownership. Imtech Marine’s VSAT support desks monitor on board equipment 24/7. At the booth of Imtech Marine a realistic and interesting case study about remote monitoring & maintenance will be presented live at regular intervals.


Another highlight at the stand will be Imtech Marine’s ECDIS solutions. Imtech Marine, being a multi-card supplier, can provide several ECDIS solutions to its customers. Imtech Marine has its own developed ECDIS. Imtech’s SeaGuide ECDIS is suitable for retrofits and new buildings and has many advantages such as being a simple, user-friendly and robust system and crucially, it facilitates fully redundant serial navigation data processing.

Fuel-efficient sailing and efficient port entry

Royal Dirkzwager, Imtech Marine’s specialised maritime information and service provider providing nautical and maritime information, will be demonstrating its latest services at the stand. BridgeAssist focuses on fuel-efficient sailing and efficient port entry. Royal Dirkzwager will give the captain up-to-the minute advice about the most efficient journey, so saving fuel and consequently, cutting down on emissions. Even in the final part of the voyage alone, BridgeAssist can reduce fuel consumption by 5-10%. Ship2Report is a web application that shows all of the actual vessel movements across ports in North Western Europe. Royal Dirkzwager has developed versions for the iPad and Blackberry.

Growth strategy

Earlier this year, Imtech Marine announced its new 2011 – 2015 growth strategy. Its vision is to be an independent top player in the global maritime market and a true life cycle management partner for customers. By effectively combining skills and competences in system integration and maintenance of technology on board, Imtech Marine supports its customers during the full lifetime of a ship, to achieve unrivalled, competitive cost of ownership. In addition, Imtech provides solutions for the growing requirements of our customers in green technology. Imtech Marine is unique for its worldwide maritime network of now 80 well-positioned service and outfitting locations in more than 20 countries. Imtech Marine continues to expand this network. In 2011 alone, Imtech Marine added offices in Spain, France, Morocco, China and Canada. At the same time, existing offices will grow into full service hubs by expanding their current technology and services portfolio. Imtech plans to further expand its worldwide network in amongst others Asia Pacific and South America.

Imtech Marine is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship. Imtech Marine specializes in Automation (Platform and Bridge), Navigation & Communication including Connectivity, Energy & Drive systems, HVAC solutions and Fire Protection systems, A/V Entertainment and Maritime Information Services. Imtech Marine provides innovative systems and reliable services during the full lifetime of the ship. The company reached annual revenues of more than €500 million in 2010, employing 2,500 employees at nearly 80 offices based along shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centres.


Source: Imtech Marine, November 8, 2011

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