The Netherlands: Mammoet Completes Test Program of Three PTC 140/200 DS Cranes

The Netherlands - Mammoet Completes Test Program of Three PTC DS Cranes

Last week the test program of Mammoet’s three new PTC 140/200 DS (Platform, Twin ring, Containerized) cranes was completed in Westdorpe (the Netherlands).

The last tests involved a PTC 140 DS fitted with a 140 meter main boom and 106 meter luffing jib. The tip of the jib was over 250 meters (820 feet) high. In this configuration the crane capacity is 1000 tons, and in other configurations the new cranes have capacities up to 3200 tons. Mammoet is the worldwide leader in heavy lifting and transport and designed these cranes in-house for large construction projects (e.g. oil refineries, power stations, offshore structures) throughout the world.

A series of three extreme load tests was undertaken, operating at minimum radius:

  • a load of 1,000 tons was pulled 7 meters sideways.
  • the crane went through all motions (slewing, lifting, lowering and luffing) with a load of 1,100 tons (dynamic load test).
  • finally the crane lifted a 1,250 ton load for the 125% overload test.

The successful completion of the test program means that the new super heavy lift cranes have now proven that they can withstand the worst-case loads presented by their thousands of load charts. The tests were witnessed by Lloyd’s Register.

This PTC 140 DS is now about to be disassembled and shipped to the US where it will be assembled for its first job.

Source: Mammoet, March 8, 2012