The Netherlands: Seatec Finalizes Re- Launch

As from 16 May 2011 Seatec has been taken over by the investment company Value Enhancement Partners from Amsterdam.

This company will obtain a majority share and will be supported by the previous owners.

For this reason the company name is changed into “Seatec Seamergo Subsea Systems B.V

Seatec will continue with all its products, services and technical staff.

Seatec Seamergo Subsea Systems B.V. is providing worldwide technical solutions and services to clients in various sectors such as On-and Offshore Contractors, Dredging Industry, Shipyards and Government Departments.

With the execution of technical advanced projects throughout the years and special product development, Seatec has gained an unique expertise in design and manufacturing of high-tech (underwater) equipment.

Source: seatec ,May 23, 2011;