Photo: Courtesy of Thun Tankers

Thun Empower LNG-fueled chemical tanker delivered

Swedish shipping company Thun Tankers has welcomed Thun Empower, the last in a series of LNG-fueled chemical tankers built by Dutch shipbuilder Ferus Smit.

Thun Empower LNG-fueled chemical tanker delivered
Courtesy of Thun Tankers

Upon delivery, the Thun Empower will be trading within the Gothia Tanker Alliance network.

The vessel is the last E-Class tanker in a series of four LNG-fueled vessels. Scheepswerf Ferus Smit in the Netherlands built all four of them.

The E-class vessels are a further evolvement of Erik Thun’s existing fleet and focus on efficiency and environment. They reduced fuel consumption and also feature increased cargo intake, less exhaust
emissions and lower noise levels.

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Thun Tankers previously took delivery of the sister ships of the series Thun EosThun Evolve, and Thun Equality.

The vessels all feature the Wartsila 6L34DF main engine capable of operating on LNG and gas oil.