Photo: Tidal energy turbines developed by TIGER project partners (Courtesy of TIGER)

TIGER working on mass production roadmap for tidal energy sector

EU-backed Tidal Stream Industry Energiser Project (TIGER) is seeking industry feedback to evaluate how tidal energy sector could transition from manufacturing single prototype devices to tens or hundreds of commercial devices per year.

Photo showing tidal energy turbines developed by TIGER project partners (Courtesy of TIGER)
Tidal energy turbines developed by TIGER project partners (Courtesy of TIGER)

The partners in the €45.4 million TIGER project, focused on accelerating the development of tidal stream energy, are creating a volume manufacturing roadmap for sector.

As part of the initiative, the partners are investigating how well the sector can transition towards upscaled industrialisation considering the current capabilities in the supply chain and the sentiment towards the tidal stream industry.

The roadmap is expected to contain a future outlook of tidal energy sector’s supply chain, and identify where investment and policy changes can give the greatest benefit for the whole industry.

Therefore, the partners have created an industry survey designed to help shape approach to supporting and strengthening the industry going forwards.

“The questionnaire will take about ten minutes to fill in and is open to all companies with interest in the tidal stream industry. It gives a way for you to share your insight, shape future policy and increase the value of business opportunities”, TIGER project partners said.

The TIGER project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme, is a cross-border partnership between 18 UK and French organisations set out to develop, test and further demonstrate tidal stream technologies at selected tidal sites across the UK and France.

The main goal of the TIGER project is to reduce the costs associated with tidal energy and increase its share in the energy mix which could result in significant benefits for coastal communities.

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