Titan LNG's second FlexFueler springs into action

Titan LNG’s second FlexFueler springs into action

Titan LNG, a Dutch independent LNG supplier, has completed a bunkering operation with its recently commissioned FlexFueler 002.

Courtesy of Titan LNG
Titan LNG's second FlexFueler springs into action
Courtesy of Titan LNG

The operation was completed at the North Sea Port on the Everingen Anchorage.

The FlexFueler 002 delivered LNG to the Current Spirit, a short sea crude oil tanker owned by Teekay.

The operation was completed in cooperation with Equinor and North Sea Port, Titan LNG said in a brief statement through its social media channels.

The operation supports Titan LNG’s push to expand the LNG bunkering in ARA region.

Titan LNG’s second bunkering barge, the FlexFueler 002, to the fleet and held a christening ceremony at the end of March.

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The vessel has entered service on March 25. The bunkering barge will be operating from the Port of Antwerp’s Quay 526/528 where Fluxys facilitates truck-to-ship bunkering and Titan LNG operates a permanent bunkering point for inland waterway vessels.

Titan LNG also supplies bio-LNG which can be dropped in and blended with LNG using existing infrastructure and engine technology. The next step of using green hydrogen to convert into E-Fuels (synthetic LG) is under development by Titan for implementation in 2024. From all available E-Fuels like ammonia and methanol, E-LNG is the only fuel with global existing infrastructure to serve the marine industry and the best energy density.