Tocardo to install three new T1 turbines at Den Oever

The installation of three additional T1 turbines at Den Oever pilot project is scheduled for next week, according to Tocardo.

The final preparations and assembly process is being undertaken on the quay side in Den Oever, in close proximity to the project site.

If the weather permits, three T1 turbines will be installed next week.

The T1 tidal turbine is the smallest in the Tocardo turbine range. Its limited size and weight make it a suitable turbine for rivers and canals but also shallow tidal sites.

The turbine can be uni or bi directional, and its capacity is 42 – 98 kW.

The Den Oever project began as a “proof of concept” but has been operational since 2008, and connected to the Dutch grid. The electricity produced powers approximately 15 households.

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Image: Tocardo

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