Top Side Offshore Technology introduces ComPro+ Offshore Communication System

Top Side Offshore Technology has launched a new Offshore Communication System ComPro+, based on GSM technology, that bridges the gaps in communication offshore.

Top Side Offshore Technology introduces ComPro+ Offshore Communication SystemBuilt on a private GSM network covering the full offshore installation, ComPro+ facilitates Communication over voice and data, Lone Worker Protection, Track & Trace of personnel, it extends and personalizes the fire & gas alarm and can be used for many other, installation specific, applications.

Besides communication, ComPro+ is also set up to locate personnel. The local cells that create the GSM network are hard wired to the main server/control center. ComPro+ beacons can be mounted at as many locations as needed and are connected via GSM to one of the local cells. The location of each beacon is known by the control center. In case of a personal emergency, personnel outfitted with a communication device can raise the alarm by pressing the alarm button. An alarm message is sent via the central switch board to the necessary handhelds including the nature (emergency) and location of the incident (e.g. drill floor).

By hooking up the ComPro+ communication system to the existing fire & gas detection system, alarm messages will be forwarded to each ComPro+ device, showing a pre-programmed message e.g. “Fire alarm: engine room 2. Emergency crew 2: action”. This will drastically shorten emergency response time and thus enhance the safety on board the installation.

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April 30, 2014

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