TSG Starts 3D Survey over Brendan Basin

TGS has commenced acquisition of a new 3D multi-client survey in the West of Shetland region.

M/V Polarcus Naila
M/V Polarcus Naila

The survey will cover 2,500km2 and will tie into TGS’ existing 3D library in the region, bringing the total volume of recent TGS 3D in the area to more than 17,500 km2.

Stein Ove Isaksen, Senior VP Eastern Hemisphere for TGS said that the contract ” confirms our strong presence in the West of Shetland region.”

The broadband seismic data will be acquired by the M/V Polarcus Naila towing 12 streamers at 6,000 m cable length.

Data processing will be performed by TGS, using proprietary broadband technology, Clari-FiTM.

Initial data will be available to clients in Q4 2014. The survey is supported by industry funding.

Polarcus Naila was recently upgraded, enabling the vessel to tow ultra-wide 12 streamer spreads.

The upgrade comprised a conversion of the vessel’s propulsion system to twin-fin shaft and propeller technology at a cost of $12m, plus certain other major productivity and class enhancements and a mandatory vessel classification at a further cost of $11m.

June 17, 2014