Two Reels Installed onto Pipelay Vessel Deep Energy (Norway)

Two Reels Installed onto Pipelay Vessel Deep Energy (Norway)

At the beginning of August, MV “Lone” loaded two reels, each of 800 mtons and a diameter of 28.5 m, in Pori, Finland.

After a successful loading, MV “Lone” continued her journey to Florø, Norway. In Florø the precious cargo was installed directly onto the pipelay vessel MV “Deep Energy”. Due to the final resting location, a significant amount of sensitiveness was demanded of the crane operator to unload the cargo into the foreseen cargo hold: only 12 mm space was left between cargo and hold. In the end, both reels were perfectly positioned. Due to the extreme height of the reels, the crane went to its limit in regards to outreach and lifting height. SAL’s engineers and chiefs as well as the crew performed an exacting service to its longstanding and good customer.

MV “Lone” also installed one telescope offshore crane in less than 2 hrs and one SQL 150 mtons Knuckle boom crane, holding cargo steady for 14 hrs while service engineers where torching up bolts.


Press Release, August 30, 2012; Image: Technip

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