UK: BMT Group Presents New Operating Company

BMT Group Ltd (BMT), the leading international maritime design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has presented a new commercial operating company which will focus on the provision of high value, innovative vessel performance management and decision support solutions for the maritime industry.

BMT Group Presents New Operating Company2

BMT SMART Ltd will draw on years of experience and knowledge from around the BMT group of companies to help accelerate the delivery of BMT’s SMARTSERVICES business line, and build a strong presence in the digital shipping markets.

 Phil Thompson, Sector Director for Transport explains: “The new generation BMT SMARTSERVICES product suite is founded on a unique system that integrates comprehensive vessel recorded data with fully validated MetOcean (Meteorological and Oceanographic) data, including wind, wave and current values. Developed in collaboration with industry partners, ship owners, operators and charterers the services are designed to help reduce fuel costs and improve energy efficiency in operations.

As part of the company’s development plans, BMT has appointed a new Managing Director. A Marine Engineering graduate, with over 20 years of senior marine management experience, Peter Mantel brings a wealth of expertise working in digital and e-navigation shipping markets.

Commenting on his new role, Peter Mantel says: “I’m delighted to join BMT and be given the opportunity to further develop BMT SMART. By working closely with our customers and responding to legislation and market demands, we are confident that we can deliver a robust portfolio of high value, information management services for the maritime industry.”
BMT, January 29, 2014