UK Companies See Tidal Energy Development Potential in Philippines


There are several sites at Philippines that investors from UK find interesting for tidal energy ventures.

Nautricity is a Scotland-based firm which develops technical solutions to generate electricity from current flows which occur naturally in the world’s oceans, seas, and estuaries.

The company has already identified more than eight areas suitable for producing energy from tides: Bohol/Talibon Strait, Basiao Channel, Surigao Strait, Gaboc Channel, Hinatuan Passage, San Bernardino Strait, Basilan Strait and San Juanico Strait.

But there could be a problem with the investments since such projects impose many costs. Nautricity’s director, Dave Pratt, said that their company offers a second generation tidal turbine, which could make tidal energy economically competitive.

British Ambassador to the Philippines, Stephen Lillie, emphasized that: “while UK companies and research institutions are the world’s leaders in developing technology to generate electricity from ocean tides, the potential to apply this in the Philippines is very exciting.”

UK companies have also shown there interest in wind, biomass and hydro facilities related investments.


Subsea World News Staff , March 07, 2012; Image: Nautricity