UK: Expro Introduces New Reliable Power Relief Valve System

Leading international oilfield services company Expro announces today the introduction of a new Power Relief Valve (PRV) system which reduces the man hours and rig down-time historically associated with operating and maintaining traditional mud pump relief valves and systems.

Known as the PRV MAX, this mud pump pressure relief valve system is an accurate and automated relief valve with an integrated hydraulic actuator, separate hydraulic power unit that can be mounted directly to the valve or within 20 feet of the valve, and a remotely mounted ‘touchscreen’ control panel.

“The Expro PRV MAX is an innovative pressure relief valve system that combines the highest durability and reliability standards,” said John Loafman, Expro Equipment Sales Vice President.

“It is ideally suited for offshore rigs, floaters, vessels and jack-ups interested in avoiding costly down-time events.

“The system brings innovative solutions to the problem of protecting positive displacement mud pumps from excessive pressures. It increases relief pressure accuracy, increases repeatability, and allows reset to occur in a time-efficient and cost effective manner for our customers.”

The PRV MAX is constructed using non-interacting mechanical components, which means that a single point of failure will not spread to other valves. During tests, the PRV MAX fully opened in under 375 milliseconds after mud pressure exceeded the set point.

The patent-pending PRV MAX is virtually maintenance-free; Tungsten carbide sealing components provide high-erosion resistance and extended trim life, without the use of elastomeric components. This extends service life between maintenance periods, which was validated by DNV witness-testing to 250 pressure relief cycles. Seal integrity was maintained throughout.

The pressure retaining components of the PRV MAX are forged construction from API 75 K materials. The system is ATEX certified for hazardous areas.


Source: Expro, January  24, 2011;

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