UK: L&N Successfully Designs Industry Unique Subsea H.I.P.P.S. Package

In conjunction with carefully selected industry partners L&N have successfully designed an industry unique SubSea H.I.P.P.S. package for the Norwegian sector.

Managing Director, Alastair Chalmers comments ‘Using our latest 3D AutoCad software our team have engineered a solution which not only meets, but exceeds our client’s needs

Using the latest 3D AutoCad software they have been able to design a bespoke H.I.P.P.S. system for clients. Whilst every H.I.P.P.S. system is, of course, unique they have utilised innovative products to help them achieve their goals.

Working with the industry partners, Paladon Systems and HG Safety, they have designed a package which not only meets client’s needs but also satisfies all industry standards.

Traditionally the design, procurement, fabrication, build, test and certification of a complete H.I.P.P.S. package was a very labour intensive exercise with many conflicting interfaces!! Now they can offer a complete H.I.P.P.S. turnkey service:

Full design capability

Innovative products

Experienced and qualified personnel

Skilled workforce

In-house test and certification


Source: lnscotland, May 20, 2011.