UK: Port of Tyne Achieves World Class Standard

Port of Tyne Achieves World Class Standard

The Port of Tyne has picked up another accolade – this time for its Marine Pilotage Service.

By achieving the International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organisations (ISPO), the Port of Tyne is one of only three pilotage authorities in the UK to have attained the standard and the 12th organisation worldwide to be accredited.

For the Port of Tyne’s ten pilots, responsible for managing the pilotage of around 5,000 vessel movements each year. The ISPO standard supports the Port’s compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and is the internationally recognised standard assuring the highest levels of professional service covering all aspects of skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Mike Nicholson, Port of Tyne’s Harbour Master, said: “The Port’s pilots demonstrate the highest level of ship handling skills, providing critical knowledge of navigation within the Port of Tyne and the ISPO standard signifies the ultimate standards concerning safety, and quality essential to the shipping industry.

Prior to the development of ISPO there was no mechanism for pilots in any particular district or port to show that they were operating to an internationally agreed standard, transparent to all customers – ship masters, ship owners or port operators. Now the Port of Tyne is one of the world leaders in this field.

For 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Port of Tyne’s pilots are responsible for the safe navigation of vessels. They have been critical to the recent success of the Port’s business performance and have adapted to accommodate a 40% increase in the number of large cargo vessels now using the Tyne.


Port of Tyne, September 17, 2013