UK: Red7Marine Safely Completes Seavex Excavation Trial

Red7Marine Safely Completes Seavex Excavation Trial

Red7Marine were recently contracted by Centrica to trial SeaVex Excavation equipment on certain areas of Lincs wind farm, charetring and operating from the DP2 Loch Roag vessel.

The project was to initially gauge what areas could be trenched to certain depths in extreme soil conditions ranging from 250 to 500kPa using a non-intrusive method as cables were live (at an equipment standoff distance of 1 metre set by the Marine Warranty Surveyor) and to assess the remaining areas that need rock bagged and/or mattressed.

This successful trial allowed SeaVex excavation equipment to operate and collate results from actual data in varied soils, whilst demonstrating the range of capabilities of the system, personnel and management of Red7Marine. It also facilitated Centrica with the opportunity to assess the remaining work on the site and to discuss with Red7Marine potential further scopes.

Red7Marine are pleased that the trial campaign was completed safely in up to 3.5 knots with no lost time incidents. The project mobilidation and demobilisation was performed by Red7Marine’s experienced team in Great Yarmouth.

Red7Marine, March 18, 2013