UK: SeaHold GeoShips Reports Fixing of STRIL EXPLORER Vessel

SeaHold GeoShips  announces the fixing of the STRIL EXPLORER in an 18 month time charter from Simon Mokster AS.

The 76m DP2 Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel was delivered in 2010 and is optimised for subsea operations. It is fitted with a 60 Te AHC knuckleboom crane for a working depth of 1500m, helideck for a maximum ‘D’ value of 20.9m and take off weight 12.0 Te. There is accommodation for 70 persons in 1 and 2 man berths. The vessel has a number of innovative features which will enable it to efficiently support GeoShips’ planned operations.

SeaHold GeoShips Limited was formed initially as SEANERGY MarineProjects (SMP) in 2003 to participate in the emerging offshore renewable energy industry. This proved to be too early for SMP’s proposed services at the time, so the company refocused on offshore oil and gas project support, becoming a successful investor and participant in a number of subsea/marine services ventures over the next few years. SMP’s name was changed to SeaHold Ltd in 2005 to reflect its change of status from contractor to private investor.

In 2010 the SeaHold Board decided to return to contracting, so SeaHold Limited’s name was changed to SeaHold GeoShips Limited (GeoShips).

The GeoShips offering is based upon deployment of dynamically positioned vessels which are under its direct control, and equipped with subsea work spreads. The capability is skewed towards the seabed elements of  offshore renewable energy projects, whilst still retaining the ability to support subsea scopes of work in offshore oil and gas related projects when required.

GeoShips has a strong project management ethos and focuses on working with strategic partners whilst using its operational model as a basis for providing innovative “one stop shop” commercial solutions to reduce costs and simplify customer access to our services.


Source:SeaHoldGeoShips, March 11, 2011

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