Photo: Ulstein/Daniel Osnes

Ulstein: Outfitting starts for Lindblad’s 2nd X-Bow polar expedition ship

On 22 October 2020, the hull of the National Geographic Resolution, a polar expedition cruise vessel ordered by US-based cruise company Lindblad Expeditions, arrived at the Ulstein Verft shipyard in Norway to undergo outfitting work.

Image Courtesy: Ulstein/Daniel Osnes

For the time being, expedition cruising is on hold, due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation. However, the National Geographic Resolution is still planned for delivery in 2021, Ulstein confirmed.

As informed, the hull will be transferred to the yard’s dock hall, where insulation work, electrical installations and hotel outfitting will commence. All major equipment including engines and thrusters were installed in Poland Quayside at Ulstein Verft.

Recently, Ulstein also constructed National Geographic Resolution’s sister vessel, National Geographic Endurance, which was delivered in March this year and will make its inaugural voyage when Lindblad reactivates travel.

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X-Bow design

Both newbuilds feature the so-called X-Bow, originally developed for offshore vessels operating in the roughest areas of the world.

The X-Bow is ploughing through the waves, reducing slamming and the vibrations caused by the sea. The Resolution is optimised for low impact on nature. A smoother ride leads to reduced fuel consumption and thereby a decrease in harmful local emissions, Ulstein explained.

Another aspect of X-Bow is the unobstructed view which enables optimal wildlife observations. The design enables forward and straight down-the sides viewing.

With a length of 124.4 metres, National Geographic Resolution can accommodate 126 guests.

Lindblad Expeditions works in partnership with National Geographic to produce marine expedition programs and promote conservation and sustainable tourism around the world.