Unfortunate Incidents in 2014

A ferry named “Sewol“ carrying over 400 people on board sank in the vicinity of the South Korean island of Jeju.

The passengers on the ship were mainly high school students and crew members.

174 people survived the accident including 22 crew members.

The Authorities suspect that the “Sewol” ferry exceeded its cargo limit, and the overload caused the accident.

ac 2Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared with 239 people on board during its March 8 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The airplane is believed to be in Southern Indian Ocean, where the various surveys took place.

To date, over 185,000 square kilometres of the search area have been surveyed.

Earlier in the year in an emergency press conference held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Minister Najib Razak informed that no one survived the Flight MH370 accident.

ac3A civilian diver has died during the search for missing people in the sunken Sewol ferry offshore South Korea.

The 53-year-old diver lost communication with his fellow divers 5 minutes after diving into waters 25 meters deep.

The diver, known by his surname Lee, was on his first search attempt in the Sewol ferry rescue operations.

He was a veteran crew member of Undine Marine Industries.

ac 4Prysmian informed that on July 3rd during transfer voyage from Arco Felice (Naples/Italy) to Bremenhaven (Germany) the barge AMT Explorer chartered for the transportation of power cables for Deutsche Bucht and Butendiek offshore wind farms in Germany, capsized when pulled by a tug boat.

As a consequence, the cargo and the rotating platform have sunk. The event took place in international water in a position which is some 50 nautical miles southwesterly of Sardinia.

Prysmian reported that all crew are safe and sound.

ac 5The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) received a report that a Singapore-registered barge POSH MOGAMI sank 2 nautical miles northeast of Sekupang, Batam, on Friday (18 July) night.

There were nine persons on board the barge when the incident happened. It was reported that the semi-submersible barge was carrying out submerging trials at the time of the incident.

Indonesian authorities have rescued 6 persons and recovered 3 bodies.

ac 6On December 14, a passing cargo ship, coming from the Suez Canal, collided with a small Egyptian fishing boat causing it to capsize, according to reports.

Thirteen Egyptian fisherman are reportedly drowned and 13 others have been reported missing.

However, there have been incosistent reports about the number of people on board the vessel, reported as ‘Badr’ as well as the number of people that are missing or have been killed or rescued.

ac 7An oil spill has been confirmed from a major Russian Black Sea pipeline near the port of Tuapse, a sea port and the northern center of a resort zone which extends south to Sochi.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that measures were taken to mitigate an oil spill near the village of Grechesky, Tuapse District, Krasnodar Territory.

According to local media reports Transneft said that the pipeline was shut after the leak.

ac 8A boat with around 250 African emigrates trying to reach the European coast sank near Libya.

The boat had sunk near Tajoura. A Libyan Navy spokesperson said that emigrants on the sunken boat were mostly Africans.

Migrants have been leaving North Africa for some time now, mainly heading to Italy.


ac 9The MV Miraj-4 ferry capsized and sank in the Meghna River in Bangladesh.

The ferry was en route from Dhaka towards Shariatpur district with at least 200 people onboard.

It is suspected that the cause of the incident was overcrowding, since this is common in the rural parts of Bangladesh.

According to some reports, 20-30 people managed to save themselves.

ac 10

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has resolved to investigate a hydrocarbon leak which occurred on the Eldfisk field in the North Sea on 7 August 2014.

This incident happened early on the morning of Thursday 7 August, and led to the discharge of stabilised oil to the sea from the Eldfisk FTP field terminal platform.

The facility was then in the process of starting up again after an emergency shutdown (ESD) and loss of power on 6 August.

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