USA: Cobscook Tidal Energy Project Put on Show

USA: Cobscook Tidal Energy Project Put on Show

On Tuesday, August 27, the system of the Cobscook Tidal Energy Project, developed by Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), was taken out of the water and put on show in Eastport, Machias Valley News Observer informs.

The project’s development, environmental impact and engineering facts were presented at the event by consultants and project managers.

The tidal system was removed from its installation site to go through its annual inspection, after which it will be upgraded. The upgrades will take 2 or 3 months, so the tidal energy structure will be reinstalled next year.

The developer is trying to redesign the system to make it cheaper and improve its performance, Machias Valley News Observer cites Chris Sauer, CEO and President of ORPC as saying.


Offshore WIND Staff, September 5, 2013; Image: ORPC