USA: Global Offshore Wind Market to Reach 89 GW Installed Capacity by 2025

USA: Global Offshore Wind Market to Reach 89 GW Installed Capacity by 2025

Global Information Inc announces two new reports exploring opportunities for private business in the Offshore Wind Power market. 

Global Offshore Wind Energy Markets and Strategies: 2012-2025

Offshore wind finds itself in a “make or break” period up to 2015, by when the industry will either have positioned itself for sustained build-out, or rapidly decline as a non-competitive technology. Interest in the offshore sector continues to grow, with investor commitments, policy support, and technological innovations – the global offshore market is expected to reach 89 GW of installed wind energy capacity by 2025.

However, costs remain high and financial backing for capital intensive projects is needed as the next generation of offshore projects heads for unchartered territory.

Emerging Energy Research’s new report, “Global Offshore Wind Energy Markets and Strategies: 2012-2025,” offers offshore Wind Market Forecasts through 2025 by Turbine and Size, as well as Offshore Wind Turbine, Cable, Foundation, and Vessel Demand Forecasts. Supply trends and competitor trends are covered as well.

Europe Biopower Markets and Strategies: 2012-2035

A second excellent study from Emerging Energy Research published earlier this month, Europe Biopower Markets and Strategies: 2012-2035, provides a thorough analysis of the market potential for biopower in the European Union (EU), the impact of biopower growth on the international pellet trade and the biomass procurement strategies employed by utilities, IPPs, and developers active in the EU.

Readers will gain insight on both national and regional policy changes and implications, as well as the resulting strategies and competitive positioning of market players.

This study offers European biomass supplier strategy profiles and highlights competitive positioning within the market, providing snapshots for Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The report also explores the European biomass development landscape, including technology competitiveness, ownership strategies, approved and proposed projects, and fuel procurement strategies.


Offshore WIND staff, May 31, 2012; Image: Global Information