USA: Incat Crowther Designs The Largest Ever Fast Supply Vessel

Having revolutionized the Fast Supply Vessel market with its 42.5knot CrewZer class catamarans, Incat Crowther have now set their sights on the title of the world’s largest ever Fast Supply Vessel.

The ever-evolving design firm has been contracted to assist with the design of a 225’ aluminum monohull DP-2 Fast Supply Vessel. The development of the vessel, to be built by Gulf Craft, has been a joint effort between the Louisiana shipyard and Incat Crowther. The project utilizes the resources of both Incat Crowther’s offices, in the USA and Australia. Incat Crowther has brought their expertise to the table to offer an extensive design package. This includes hull form optimization, US tonnage compliance, full structural design with finite element analysis, as well as systems design including electrical and piping, and stability analysis. Incat Crowther will also be providing consulting services to assist Gulf Craft’s production staff with the procurement and integration of various vendor-supplied systems.

The vessel will take full advantage of Gulf Craft’s hard won expertise gained from its 45 year history of building vessels for the offshore oilfields. The yard has had significant input into the design of the vessel, including the development of the outboard profile and general arrangement, and also the specification, selection and arrangement of the vessel’s equipment.

The vessel will be operated by Gulf Offshore Logistics LLC, who will be able to offer their clients an unparalleled combination of speed and capacity. Alongside Incat Crowther’s recent diverse offshore offerings, this vessel demonstrates the designer’s ability to adapt its products and services, delivering custom solutions for its clients.

The DP2 certified vessel is distinguished by its 4380 square feet (407 sqm) cargo deck – set to be the largest ever on a Fast Supply Vessel. The deck is nearly 150 feet long and is designed to carry 500 long tons of deck cargo.

Forward of the cargo deck is the two-deck superstructure. On the upper deck is the wheelhouse, featuring both a forward control station and an aft-facing DP station with 360-degree visibility. Gulf Offshore Logistics places a high value on operational safety, and this has been taken into account with the layout of the upper deck.

The main deck cabin features 84 business class seats, a toilet and luggage bins, as well as stairs down to the crew accommodation in the hulls.

Below decks is the crew accommodation, featuring a spacious galley and mess area, laundry and toilet facilities and berths for 8 crew members. Forward of the crew accommodation is the thruster room, housing 3 Thrustmaster TT200ML tunnel thrusters.

Aft of the crew accommodation, the cargo carrying story continues. Here you’ll find the ship’s tank spaces, including fuel and water for both the ship’s operation and cargo. The vessel has capacity for 51,320 gallons (194 000 litres) of cargo fuel oil, and 66,290 gallons (251 000 litres) of cargo fresh water. The combination of this liquid cargo with the deck cargo gives the vessel a maximum deadweight of nearly 600 long tons.

An electrical room is situated amidships, featuring 3 Caterpillar C9 gensets and the vessel’s main switchboard.

The vessel will be powered by 4 Caterpillar 3516C engines, each rated at 3004bhp @ 1800rpm. Each engine will drive a Hamilton HT-900 water jet, giving the vessel a top speed in excess of 35 knots, and a service speed of 25 knots while carrying 250 long tons of deadweight.

Gulf Craft is due to deliver the vessel in 2012, with repeat orders expected. Meanwhile, Incat Crowther continues to evolve and expand its portfolio with products that bring new capability and efficiency to its customers, all based on the proven experience of over 35 years. Not content with developing the world’s largest FSV, Incat Crowther has more exciting offshore projects on the drawing board, with further announcements due soon.


Source: incatcrowther,July 2, 2010;

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