USA: Marlin Class Underwater Pump Gives More Efficiency for Excavation

Marlin Class Underwater Pump Gives More Efficiency for Excavation

The Marlin Class underwater pump mining dredge manufactured by DSC Dredge LLC is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits by providing a more efficient tool for material excavation.

Every Marlin Class dredge is specifically designed to handle a particular deposit—from sand and gravel to industrial minerals—to ensure maximum efficiency.

Deep digging capability is made possible by the use of an underwater pump system with a high torque cutter drive assembly to complement the rigorous demands of the deep mining industry.

Digging depths range from 35 feet (10 m) to more than 200 feet (61 m), an achievement unmatched in the dredging industry.

Discharge sizes range from 8 inches (203 mm) to more than 24 inches (610 mm) to allow for a wide range of production and flow conditions to match specific mining operations.

DSC Marlin Class dredges are available in either a diesel- or electric-powered model to meet the customer’s specific needs. Drive systems include a Caterpillar ACERT diesel engine with inline direct marine style transmission for dredge pump reduction, or TEFC electric motor, variable frequency AC dredge pump motor drive and double helical gear reducer for dredge pump reduction.

All models feature a PLC operating system, magnetic flow meter, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, high-capacity service water system, maximizer suction dilution valves and a 3-wire mooring system. These performance features offer deep water dredging capabilities combined with a wide array of suction and discharge sizes to maximize operating efficiencies for every customer’s operation.

In addition to these premium features that maximize operational efficiency, every Marlin Class dredge is supported by the best manufacturer support package in the industry. DSC builds each unit to the exact requirements of a particular operation with quality in design.

The company provides customers with intensive on-site operations and maintenance training upon system delivery and long-term aftermarket service and parts support throughout the world. Technical, engineering and parts support is available for all types of dredges across the world. DSC’s in-house automation department designs custom packages that can be added to any dredge.

DSC Dredge LLC, a world leader in engineering, automation and manufacturing of cutter suction, clamshell, and underwater pump mining dredges, has production facilities located in Reserve, LA, Poplarville, MS, and Greenbush, MI.

DSC Dredge, February 21, 2013