USA: WFS and EV Offshore Sign Agreement to Make EV’s New Subsea Camera ‘Go Wireless’

WFS Technologies announces an agreement with EV Offshore, to provide wireless capability for EV’s new subsea video camera; the Neptus WSC, launched at OTC 2011 in Houston.

WFS Technologies founded in 2003, is the world’s leading supplier of Radio and Acoustic Solutions for communication, navigation and power transfer underwater and underground. WFS’ flagship product, Seatooth®, uses radio frequency (RF) technology to enable high speed data & power transfer, wirelessly over a short range. Seatooth supports streaming video over a wireless connection, and this technology has been integrated with the new ground breaking Neptus Wireless Subsea Camera from EV. The novel concept is a breakthrough in subsea camera applications from EV Camera, wirelessly enabled by with WFS radio technology.

EV has rapidly emerged as a market leader in the international oil and gas industry by carving out a niche for itself as specialists in oil and gas remote down hole and wellbore camera and video technology. The company’s state-of-the-art technology allows pictures to be taken in remote and challenging environments such as down oil and gas wells and on the seabed.

The Neptus WSC is autonomous and self powered and because it uses RF to stream live video (up to 5m), does not require a tether. A subsea wireless camera will enable multi-perspective views of complex operations, improving speed and reliability of ROV operations across a wide range of industries. The unit can be static on the seabed or retrofitted to equipment (non permanent) to extend capability and can be rapidly deployed as required.

EV is excited to be bringing this innovative technology to the market via a collaboration of two industry leading technology companies. The combination of expertise in our specific areas is bringing to the market a product that has long been asked for by the subsea industry” said Francis Neill, CEO of EV.

The camera is to be launched commercially in June 2011 and will be followed by the launch of an advanced model in January 2012 featuring an increased pressure rating, longer subsea life, pan & tilt zoom capability, and a wireless range of up to 10 meters.

Having invested heavily in development and application of WFS wireless technology since Seatooth’s launch five years ago, and we are delighted that our technology will be part of the success of EV’s groundbreaking wireless subsea camera”, says Ian Crowther, SVP and General Manager of the Subsea business at WFS. “WFS is very excited to see the huge rise in interest in radio frequency technology in the Subsea industry and look forward to the Neptus WSC having a major impact for EV and its customers.

Source: evcam, May 04, 2011;