Valmet tech ordered for Manga LNG’s terminal

Finnish process technologies specialist Valmet has been contracted to deliver its Valmet DNA Integrated Operations solution to Manga LNG’s LNG import terminal in Tornio, Finland.

Valmet tech ordered for Manga LNG's terminal
Courtesy of Valmet

The company said the solution will be started up at the Tornio liquefied natural gas facility in June 2021.

“We already use Valmet DNA automation system extensively throughout our terminal operations. To make processes more efficient on our loading bay and in our order management, we will complement the existing system with Valmet DNA Integrated Operations solution and its electronic scheduling function,” says Mika Kolehmainen, CEO, Manga LNG.

With the new solution, Manga LNG and its customers will be able to enter orders directly into the ordering system. Integrated with the terminal management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the solution will automatize and speed up processes at the terminal.

Valmet DNA Integrated Operations solution for terminal management and distribution information management covers resource and transfer management, transfer tracking and endpoint monitoring.

It enables run-out time forecasts and automatic orders, load scheduling and permissions, reporting, production planning, process optimization and an interface to ERP systems, the company said.

With automated and flexible tools, it is possible to optimize sourcing and order planning as well as plan energy distribution efficiently.

The solution has an integrated map tool for online asset monitoring. It also provides all the data needed for electrical and automated invoicing, and overall quality and energy balance control.

The Manga LNG import terminal in Tornio, Finland, is a joint venture of the industrial companies Outokumpu and SSAB Europe, and the energy companies EPV Energy and Gasum LNG.

The purpose of the terminal is to diversify the gas and fuel markets in Finland’s Northern region by providing its industry, energy production and maritime transport with a more environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative.