Van Oord’s new CLV will be able to lay two cables at once

Van Oord’s new cable-laying vessel (CLV), currently under construction in Norway, will be capable of laying two cables at once, the Dutch company revealed.

Courtesy of Van Oord

In its most recent post, Van Oord also revealed that the vessel will be named Calypso, after a sea goddess and also the iconic ship of the late French marine explorer Jacques Cousteau.

Courtesy of Van Oord

To remind, Van Oord placed an order with VARD for the cable-laying vessel last year as part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its position in the offshore wind market.

Apart from the possibility to run on biofuel, this 130-metre hybrid vessel has future fuel-ready engines with built-in flexibility to anticipate e-fuels.

Calypso will feature a large battery pack, a shore supply connection and an energy management system, which are expected to reduce CO2, NOx and SOx emissions.

The DP2 vessel will be equipped with a below-deck cable carousel and a second carousel on deck, with a total cable-carrying capacity of 8,000 tons.

The vessel, expected to be fully operational in 2023, will be Van Oord’s second cable-laying vessel in addition to the Nexus.

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