Vertom orders twelve diesel-electric vessels in India

Dutch short sea shipping company Vertom Group has ordered twelve Vertom 5,600 dwt diesel-electric vessels at Chowgule in India.

As disclosed, the 5,600 dwt series and 7,000 dwt series, currently being built at Chowgule in India and TB Shipyards in the Netherlands, share the same platform and makers list.

According to Vertom, the construction of the first vessel has started, with sustainable cooperation until at least 2029. The ships will operate with the same diesel-electric power configuration, hull design, propulsion concept, accommodation and configuration of the systems.

Looking at the differences between the Vertom 7,000 dwt and Vertom 5,600 dwt design, Dutch design and engineering company for the shipbuilding industry Groot Ship Design managed to maintain an overall breadth of 14.3 meters for both designs.

The overall length for the Vertom 5,600 dwt design has been shortened from 118.6 meters to 99 meters. The gross tonnage is 3,840 gross tons for the 5,600 dwt series and 4,750 gross tons for the 7,000 dwt series.

Furthermore, the 5,600 dwt series will be equipped with engines according to IMO Tier III regulations. Its design contains one box-shaped dry cargo hold, fitted for bulk cargoes. The living quarters and workspaces are designed to be comfortable and spacious.

“We are excited for starting this project with Chowgule together with Vertom Shipping B.V. (formerly known as Shipping Company Groningen), who have an existing successful relation with the shipyard, which we gladly continue for the order of twelve 5600 DWT Diesel-Electric vessels. We appreciate the chance to deepen our partnership with Groot Ship Design who developed an exclusive custom-made design,” Arjan de Jong, CEO of the Vertom Group said.

“We are interested to see the Vertom 5600 DWT series develop and start their journey. With a total of 24 new vessels between now and 2029, we believe these new generation of short sea coasters will play a significant role in our and our clients’ journey towards environmental responsibility.”

On the sustainable road towards 2030 and 2050, Vertom plans to become greener and more environmentally friendly in the upcoming years. The aim is to start the transformation to decarbonizing the business activities for Vertom, with the renewal of the current fleet being part of this purpose.

To remind, last year, Vertom placed an order for two additional diesel-electric dry cargo vessels of LABRAX class from compatriot shipyard Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. Two extra vessels will have the same specifications, including the optimized hull shape and diesel-electric propulsion system as the LABRAX vessels.

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The first vessel in a series of six LABRAX ships, Vertom Patty, was launched on 23 September 2022. The sea trials in the North Sea took place in December 2022, after which the ship was delivered to the company.

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