VIDEO: AR1500 tidal power turbine system

The AR1500 is the latest tidal power turbine system under development at Atlantis.

The AR1500 will have a rated capacity of 1.5 MW at flows of 3.0 m/s.

Lockheed Martin Corporation has completed the detailed design of this turbine during 2014.

The design is adjusted to withstand the harsh environmental conditions expected to be encountered in the Pentland Firth in Scotland and the Bay of Fundy in Canada, where the first deployment of this type of tidal turbines is expected.

Some of the features of this turbine include variable pitch rotor blades designed for maximum energy capturing, with integrated gearbox and permanent magnet generator that does not require bearing.

AR1500 tidal turbine

The turbine will have full nacelle yaw rotation of 360 degrees, with survival lock system.

Take a look at the animated video of the AR1500 tidal turbine.

Source/Images: Atlantis Resources