VIDEO: Atargis’ Cycloidal wave energy converter

CycWEC 1:10 prototype

Atargis Energy Corporation, a Colorado-based wave energy player, has developed a cycloidal wave energy converter to produce electricity from waves.

Atargis’ Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC) uses hydrofoils that create lift in order to interact with incoming ocean waves, and produce rotational shaft power that can directly drive a conventional generator.

According to Atargis Energy, CycWEC is an adaptation of the Voith-Schneider propeller used worldwide by tugboats. Instead of providing thrust in any direction, the CycWEC matches the incoming wave to convert the waves into electric power.

CycWEC uses two-bladed, horizontal axis turbines that can be installed on a fixed support in approximately 100 m deep waters.

It can be shut down by feathering the hydrofoils in a storm in order to prevent storm induced damage.

Using feedback flow control to synchronize with the incoming wave, the CycWEC can completely terminate the incoming wave, extracting more than 95% of the wave energy, according to Atargis Energy.

Atargis Energy built and tested 1:10 scale prototype of the device with a diameter of 2 m and span of 4.5 m in July 2012.


The company stated that it would use data and experience gathered to design a full scale ocean prototype that would be 5MW in capacity.

Recently, Atargis Energy has registered for Wave Energy Prize, a competition launched by the US Department of Energy.

The company will compete amongst 92 teams for the funding that would help them advance their wave energy systems.

Source/Image/Videos: Atargis Energy