VIDEO: Carnegie retrieves first CETO 5 unit

Carnegie Wave has retrieved the first CETO 5 unit for onshore maintenance and inspection.

The unit has been operating over 4.000 hours. The retrieval was completed using hydraulic ‘quick connect’ technology to disconnect the unit from the seabed foundation.

The disconnection was then followed in succession by deballasting of the buoyant actuator and floating up of the pump assembly on site.

The complete CETO 5 unit was then towed back to the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Carnegie Wave’s press release reads.

The planned maintenance activities include the removal of biofouling, inspection of seals in the CETO pump, inspection of bearings in the load path components and repair of some failed instrumentation, while at the same time verifying the retrieval methods.

The unit will be completely stripped down, to allow for non-destructive testing, and in depth inspection. It will then be overhauled as required and reassembled, prior to beginning onshore retesting of the CETO unit in advance of offshore reinstallation.

Perth Wave Energy Project that consists of an array of three CETO 5 units has now achieved more than 8.500 continuous operational hours during which the units have experienced a range of sea states, including waves up to 5.7 m in height.

Take a look at the video of the CETO 5 unit retrieval process.

Image/Video: Carnegie Wave