VIDEO: DeltaStream tidal technology

DeltaStream 400 kW device on Pembroke Dock
DeltaStream 400 kW device on Pembroke Dock

A DeltaStream unit is comprised of a steel main base that can carry up to three turbines with the total capacity of 1.2 MW.

The triangular steel main base serves as a sea bed support foot structure that includes a penetrating tip designed to penetrate into the sea bed surface under the weight of the structure, providing a gravity foundation for three nacelles.

An independent horizontal tidal turbine can be mounted on to each nacelle, amounting to the total capacity of 1.2 MW a unit.

Each nacelle contains an automated hydraulic yaw mechanism which controls the orientation of the tidal turbines according to the direction of the tidal flow.

Each device can be connected to the shore with an export submarine power cable that will feed the electricity to the grid.

Tidal Energy Ltd will deploy a single DeltaStream unit off the coast of Pembrokshire at Ramsey Sound.

It will have the capacity of 400 kW, and the aim of the project is to demonstrate the capability of DeltaStream as a tidal stream generator, while also providing evidence on the device’s interaction with the surrounding environment.

During its deployment, the device will be connected to the Welsh grid.

Take a look at the animated video of DeltaStream technology capturing tidal energy to produce electricity.

Source/Images: Tidal Energy Ltd