Video: DesignPro Renewables deploys tidal turbine at SEENEOH

Irish company DesignPro Renewables has released a video of the September 2018 deployment of its 25kW hydrokinetic turbine at SEENEOH estuarine testing site in France.

DesignPro Renewables’ technology involves two vertical axis turbines placed on each side of a teardrop shaped vessel. The vessel, coupled with the blade pitch control system, speeds up the water into the turbines to produce significant energy in low flows of water, according to DesignPro.

At SEENEOH, the device will undergo extensive operational and environmental testing and power curves will be verified by the internationally recognized Bureau Veritas standard.

The company has been funded with €1.9 million from EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program to commercialize small-scale hydrokinetic turbines for river and estuary applications.