Video: Eco Wave Power CEO goes full circle to tame the waves

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Inna Braverman, the Chief Executive Officer of the Israeli wave energy company Eco Wave Power, has been featured in in Google’s 3D virtual reality series showcasing female role models from around the world.

The video offers a 360-degree look of the Gibraltar wave energy station featuring multiple devices in an array with a total capacity of 100kW. The plant is planned for expansion up to 5MW as part of the second phase of the project.

The working principles of the station, launched by Eco Wave Power (EWP) in 2016, are explained by the company’s CEO and Co-founder Inna Braverman, who also shared her non-traditional life story which inspired her passion for wave energy.

EWP’s technology uses Wave Clapper and Power Wing buoys. The energy is produced when the waves cause the buoys to move up and down, creating the pressure which is later converted into the compressed fluid by the hydro-pneumatic system located onshore.

Aside from the Gibraltar power plant, EWP has another operational power plant located in Jaffa port which has been in service for more than 3 years.

Also, EWP recently unveiled plans to build a wave power plant at the Manzanillo Port, in the Mexican state of Colima, which was followed by another agreement with an unnamed Chinese nuclear company for the construction of 400MW of wave energy power stations in China.

Furthermore, the company has established 5 subsidiaries in Gibraltar, China, Mexico, India and Chile.

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