Video: Eco Wave Power tests new floater technology

Eco Wave Power (EWP), an Israeli wave energy developer, has started the testing of its new floater technology in the Jaffa Port, off Israel.

The new floaters have been developed from non-corrosive materials in order to save costs that arise from using protective components that are currently being utilized in the marine industry, according to EWP.

The floaters weigh drastically less than the ones used in previous versions of EWP’s wave energy technology, Inna Braverman said.

The Co-Founder and Marketing Director of EWP also said that this is expected to further reduce costs when it comes to the installation and maintenance of the power station.

“It will enable our system to start generating electricity at lower waves. One of the problems in the wave industry is that for optimal production rates you want to increase the volume of the floater, with the smallest weight. Our new use of materials will enable this,” Braverman said.

This type of floaters will enable advanced storm protection mechanism, Braverman continued, as the system will automatically deflate the floaters during a storm, minimizing the surface that gets hit by the stormy waves, and will inflate the floaters again when the system goes back to normal.

Take a look at the video showcasing the new EWP’s technology on trials.