VIDEO: Magallanes tidal turbine project

Spanish tidal turbine company Magallanes Renovables has developed a floating tidal energy system with the capacity of 2 MW.

The Magallanes floating system is based on a steel-built floating trimaran which incorporates a submerged part where the tidal generators are fitted.

The full-scale floating platform weighs 350 tonnes, and is 42 metres long. The blades of the turbines are 19 metres in diameter, and the system’s power is rated at 2 MW.

The platform is anchored to the sea bottom by two mooring lines, to the bow and stern.

It can be accessed by boat for maintenance purposes, which decreases maintenance costs, according to Magallanes.

Magallanes states that the platform has the capacity to supply electricity to approximately 1,500 households.

The company deployed a 1:10 scaled version of the platform at EMEC late in 2014 as a first step towards testing full-scale prototype which is being constructed at Cardama Shipyard in Vigo, Galicia, north-west Spain.

The project, supported by the Regional Government of Galicia, has seen €8 million research and development investments from the developer Magallanes Renovables which expects the total investment costs for the project would amount to €13 million.

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