VIDEO: Next Generation of Tankers

Teekay Presents 'One Spirit' – Next Generation of Tankers

Teekay has designed the next generation of tankers: The One Spirit, a revolutionary vessel with the potential to change the future of shipping. The company’s eco-design reduces consumption by 30%, dramatically reducing voyage costs and providing a more environmentally efficient solution to transportation.

The One Spirit design has three key innovations:

– Aerodynamic hull (total savings of 17% with wave impacts)

– “G” type engine de-rated (savings of 6%)

– Slower propeller, 20% larger in diameter

The vessel design is so efficient, it is already compliant with 2025 EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) requirements. To learn more about the Teekay One Spirit, watch the video animation above.

March 8, 2013; Video: Teekay