VIDEO: Red7Marine’s SeaVex Subsea Excavation Solution

VIDEO Red7Marine's SeaVex Subsea Excavation Solution

Following an extensive review of displacement and relocation of a variety of seabed materials using controlled and mass flow techniques, Red7Marine has responded by developing the new SeaVex range of non-intrusive subsea excavation equipment for Pipeline, Cable & Umbilical Trenching/Deburial, IRM and Decommissioning services.

SeaVex subsea equipment meets a wide range of applications utilising the same unit, and with cost reduction to the client being a priority, is designed to be easily adapted on deck, allowing the system to operate in ultra shallow through to deep waters applications.

Red7Marine was recently contracted by Centrica to trial SeaVex Excavation equipment on certain areas of Lincs wind farm, charetring and operating from the DP2 Loch Roag vessel.

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March 18, 2013; Image: Red7Marine